Letting Go….

I’ve never been one to let anything go…I’ll break it down inch by inch to try to make sense of things.  I’ll go through blaming myself to blaming the moon.  I’ll throw fits of rage kicking the sand and screaming at the waves, then I’ll sit in quiet depression.  I’ll go back and forth with my thoughts until I can no longer think.  I’ll stay up all night writing what I think happened then I’ll cry all day, mostly because I’m tired but can’t seem to close my eyes.  

 Then finally there’ll be some ease. I’ll be ok for awhile, a few weeks, maybe a year, and then I’ll remember something and the process will begin again.  You see…

I let go of you long ago with my my arms, it’s my heart that’s still holding you…..

Cause I’m not there yet, but perhaps

Soon Enuff….


3 thoughts on “Letting Go….

  1. Mark says:

    Haha. You sound like me. I held on to a broken relationship my whole life. Then recently after talking to my old friend for a while, I realized it was never meant to be. I should have moved on years ago.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks for reading Mark! Yes, it’s so necessary, however I think as empaths it’s one of the hardest things for us to do:)

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