A little heaven….


Some days I need to be reminded of this quote by Jules Renard more than others….

There are days that I find myself wondering if perhaps in another life I must have been an awful person.  Maybe I was mean and unkind to people, or killed little puppies or something.  There must have been something I did to have been given a life like this where I feel I’m being punished for one reason or another.  And just maybe I deserve it.

But in my heart, I know the reality is, this life, holds no heaven.  It isn’t perfect, and I’m not being punished, it’s just life.  Some days are good, others are bad.  I think we all have these times, and it’s how we cope with the bad days that ultimately determines our happiness.

There are some days you’ll need to look a little harder for something beautiful, something magical, something fun, because if you don’t, you’ll see nothing but darkness. It’s not that difficult actually….this morning I woke up feeling a little down, made my coffee, walked outside, and saw in the midst of the ugly grass, which is not quite green, because it’s been so dreary, a beautiful little patch of blue flowers.  It made me think that surely they were placed there just for me, just to see a little beauty and to remind myself that the world, and this life, no, it’s not heaven, but if you look closely enough, you just may find pieces of it….

Peace & love

Cause I’m not there yet, but perhaps, Soon Enuff…